Our Vision

Embrace. Encourage. Equip. Empower.


To embrace people for who they are
and where they are in life.


To encourage people to embrace who God is
in them and all that He desires for them.



To equip people in the Word of God, giving them the tools they need to fulfill God's plan for their lives.
To empower people with the authority to use
the tools they have been given to live out
what God has put in their heart to do.

How We Started

In the Spring of 2010, God began speaking to Pastor Scott about a new season in his life.
At that time, he had been a full-time youth pastor for 15 years. God began telling Pastor
Scott to step out in faith and trust Him with his life.

In June of 2010, the Lord directed him and his wife, Patti, to leave the place where they both
were employed. So they obeyed God and walked away from their primary full-time staff positions,
and trusted God's faithfulness to provide.

The next several months were the most amazing months they had ever experienced.
God was indeed faithful; providing in every way just as He had promised. It was in
this season that God began to speak to them about starting Thrive Worship Center.
They responded with obedience and began the journey  God was leading them on.

During this journey God encouraged Pastor Scott to trust in His ability to build the church and rest in His promise.
Through this process God was developing and preparing him for this new leadership opportunity.
After several months of prayer, preparation, and development in him; Thrive Worship Center
was launched on March 27th, 2011!